Television evolved.

Welcome to your new Netflix Dashboard, home to several features that will transform the way you watch television. Earn badges, track progress, and view stats, all within your Netflix account.

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Earn badges

The more you watch,
the more you earn.

Track progress

The most efficient way
to watch television.

View stats

How you watch,
by the numbers.

Earn badges for doing what you already do.

Collect unique badges whenever you finish a season or a series, and view the badges you’ve already earned over your entire streaming history. Staying in for a holiday weekend? Earn badges for holiday binge marathons. Share your newest badges (or your entire collection) on social media.

Sample Badges

Check your progress, binge efficiently.

Spend less time trying to figure out what to watch. Now, you can sort by percentage complete or number of episodes remaining. Jump right into the next episode from the Progress screen.

Know your stats. Know yourself.

What you watch says a lot about you. Check your stats to see what you watch most often, what you finished the fastest, and more. Share your stats, and brag on social media.

Your Dashboard is ready.

Check out the badges you've already earned during your entire Netflix history, track the progress of everything you're already watching, and view your unique stats about your screen time, over time.

Happy binging.

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