Tree to Table

App Concept

The idea for the “Tree to Table” app came to me while I was in the lunch room at work. A co-worker saw me putting avocado on my salad and asked if I had an avocado tree.

Sadly, I do not have an avocado tree. And it got me thinking about how people who do have avocado trees must have a lot of wasted fruit if they don’t enjoy eating avocado. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app that could locate fresh avocado nearby? People who have avocado trees could list their harvest on the app, and people like me could buy from them.

I expanded the idea to include all types of fruit, vegetables, and herbs that people grow in their yards. I started the design by writing a list of features for the app in order of importance, drawing inspiration from Yelp, Airbnb and Padmapper: Buy and sell produce; Map and list views to search nearby; Filter by specific crop; Sellers post photos of crops for buyers to view.

Initial map view shows all sellers nearby, but the pins are blank until the user selects a crop.

The user selects “Avocado,” and the pins on the map display only avocado sellers. The pins grow larger to reflect avocado illustrations.

Pin illustrations are unique to each crop.

List view shows all avocado sellers nearby. Price and reviews are most prominent.

The filter menu allows the user to search by price, ripeness, and crop variety.

The selected filters are displayed at the top of the list view.

A seller’s listing shows a photo of the crop uploaded by the seller, a message to potential buyers, quantity available, quantity selector, and “Add to Basket” button.

A badge displays next to the user profile icon when an item is added to the user’s basket.

iOS icon

Ad Concepts

I came up with two different social media ad concepts for the Tree to Table app – one for buyers and one for sellers. Both feature screenshots of the app interface for the target audience.

The buyer’s ad is just a man smiling at his avocado toast that takes its color from the photo in the app listing. He purchased the avocado from a neighbor through Tree to Table. It’s fresh, convenient, and delicious.

The seller’s ad shows a woman who is almost drowning in the abundance of lemons that fall from her backyard tree. If she used Tree to Table, she could make extra money and reduce food waste.

Sample social media advertisement targeting buyers: “Did you know your neighbor has an avocado tree? Enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

Sample social media advertisement targeting buyers.

Sample social media advertisement targeting sellers: “If life gives you lemons, sell them”